The professional gamblers have already worked out the trusted methods of increasing the chance to win. The operational tactic for Aviator will minimize the risks to lose the personal funds. Let’s start with the strategy called “Small multipliers”. This scheme is suitable for newbies who prefer gambling with small bets. You’ll be able to win a huge prize thanks for the long-distance game.

The first working game strategy:

  • Don’t make a bet until the x1 coefficient shows up;
  • Pass 3 turns, and on the 4th make a bet when the coefficient turns x1.10;
  • Take a rest for 15 minutes and then repeat these actions.

It’s all very simple, but what’s important – there is practically no risk of losing money. Remember, this method is allowed to be used in Aviator Crash no more than 10 times a day.

That’s why the skilled gamblers make bets for 3 000 – 6 000 rubles. In the end you’ll be in a good plus – the approximate prize is 6 000.

The Predominant Aviator scheme

This is a VIP Aviator strategy, suitable for the professional gamblers. You’ll manage to win a whole lot of money, but you’ll need to strictly follow the following algorithm:

  1. Open the log of coefficients and determine, when the x100 coefficient will show up;
  2. Count exactly 60 minutes from the showing up of the coefficient and then start making two bets simultaneously;
  3. The first bet – on the x35-40 coefficient, the second bet – on x100.

The key feature here is to time your bets. The skilled gamblers have already determined, that the x100 coefficient shows up every hour. So, follow the instructions and hit the prize today. If you use the trusted Aviator schemes, you’ll surely enlarge you bankroll substantially!